Is there a twitch at the end?

‘Baby, I’m addicted… it feels like poison

You-uuu bring something out of me

Please, don’t send me alone!

You-uuu bring something out of me…’

I have such a strong desire to shout out those lyrics, but I’m afraid people might think I am crazy. After all, who are they to judge me if I want to sing?! If I feel happy, should I hide it?

I am on my way to school, with my typical outfit on; I mean, my uniform: a silky material with shades of brown and yellow on top and near the neck line and it has flowers embroideries on the white sleeves. I listen one of my several favourite  songs;
A girl, the sun who’s playing with the autumn leaves and some little birds that twitter the symphony of nature… this is me, nothing unusual so far…

I like to stroll on a ‘not-so-known’ alley that I am used to call: Twitch alley. Here, I discovered the lights and the shadows of every tree and cloud, I smelled flowers like were fresh air, I touched with my bare feet for the first time the mud after a rainy day; here, I searched for the Universe itself and I was elated by the throb of life!
I am in my serene world on the Twitch alley! It is the only place I can think without inhibitions.
I love this alley, I love it for every single feeling it gave me for free like we were old best-friends. In time, we actually became much more than friends; we are two souls that complete and exist because of each other. I know all of this sounds strange, but it describes perfectly how I sense every pace on my twitching alley.

So, on my way to school… on my beloved alley… nothing unexpected at first, but… something happens!
I have to remark a red spot somewhere in front of me even though I dance my way and talk to my other soul. When I reach closer, I realize it’s a bunch of flowers! Roses, red-big-smelly roses. I hate this flowers because everyone likes them, but I have to admit that this ones are really… beautiful! I can’t handle the temptation so I lean and inhale their perfume.
In the moment I reopen my eyes and get myself back together, I see a person… It’s standing alone at the end of the alley, probably waiting for someone… I have a strange feeling that he or she is waiting for me… of course, my intuition is wrong therefore I continue walking, though I have a higher level of adrenaline in my blood now so I walk a little faster. It’s like I’m attracted by the unknown of this situation.

I finally arrive near the person and I observe he is a teenager, with a messy woolly blond hair and hazel eyes. He’s a lot taller than me…really handsome. I wonder about his name…

‘I’m Paul! Nice to meet you.’
WHAT?!?! He can read my mind?!
He goes straight to the place where the bunch of roses is hanging and comes back, pointing to me at them.
‘They are for you...’
All I can think is the word “tense”, but I don’t know the reason… I’m shocked… and tensed at the same time.

‘I always see you walking past this alley. I recognized your uniform… by the way, you look beautiful in it. Sorry, I got distracted by how close I actually am now to you… the main point is that I wanted to say to you that I am fascinated by the way you walk…’



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